Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We are having a special perk day at the ladies group we go to. The director asked me to write a devotion on  Organization. So I figured I would share this small devotion today. Hope you enjoy it. :)

    I remember when I was a teen going to my friends house. While visiting, my friend turned to me and said "watch this"… She walked into her older brother’s bedroom and moved his clock ½ inch to the left. She then walked out and we sat and waited. Sure enough about 10 minutes later an unbelievable screech came from his room… Who has been in here?? I know someone has been in here.. My clock has been moved!! My friend giggled and said, "Can you imagine being that organized."

    Truth be told no I could not. I could never be that organized. He had a place and position for everything in his room. I don’t know about you but I need more guidance in this issue. Organization is not my best suit. Unfortunately along with being disorganized comes discontentment. God wants us to be organized.

1Corinthians 14:33 says "God is not the God of disorder but of peace. "

The average person when they are disorganized tend to be in a life of turmoil and stress. When things are disorganized and a mess in my life. I tend to get miserable and grumpy. I become far from what God wants me to be. It shows on not just my every day life, but in my family as well. It is like that old saying If mama ain’t happy, Ain’t nobody happy. My actions and attitude show on my husband and my children also. I believe that a mother’s outlook first thing in the morning is the outlook that your family will take for that day. If you are disorganized and grumpy. Your family will be disorganized and grumpy. Also what kind of a witness are to others when they see that attitude. "We are the only bible that people read." Christians are to be happy are they not? If we know true peace it shows on our faces and our every day life. When you are organized you are not so overwhelmed. You don’t feel as if you are drowning in what needs to be done. Our minds are in a better place. We are free to be there for our family. We are also more open to God and what he has for us. Our minds are not spinning in different directions. This allows God to speak to us more clearly and to completely concentrate on him. We are able to hear his still small voice better and to live a better life being totally focused on him.

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